Thursday, February 8, 2007

The New Steeler Coach

I'm going to go out on a ledge here and say what everyone is afraid to say. And that is, that the Rooney's painted themselves into a corner and hired who they had to. Just check out Upshaws latest comments at the Super Bowl on the subject.
Coach Tomlin is the least qualified coach to be hired to run a recent Super Bowl champion in history. The ownership blew up the whole coaching staff just for principle,(or lack of spine). Ken Anderson as the quaterback coach ? Who is this Larry somebody coaching the offensive line?
People say the reason they hired the new coach is that they run the best football organization in the NFL, and that they havent been wrong since the hiring of coach Noll. Balls... anyone can make a mistake, even the genius Rooneys. They had the best coach to begin with, Cower, and his succesor, Whiz, in house; along with a coaching staff very happy to be working with each other on the same goal. Winning another Super Bowl. I feel this does not bode well for us fans of the Black and Gold. I do hope that I'm wrong and that the team goes like gangbusters this year, but I just have this feeling of dread.
Lets just see what happens over free agency and the draft. Then let the yelling start.
Just my opinion, whats yours?